" My name's Chief. Im a shaper, surfer, fisherman - all sorts really - depends what day you catch me on."

We go behind the scenes of the UK's most trailblazing and thought-provoking underground shapers.


The Shaper - 5 mins
Filmed on location in Cornwall, UK
Jeremy Joyce, Rob Lockyear & Richard Pearn

James Hogg as 'Chief'
Also starring Dan Kinsman and Joe Bracegirdle.
Sound mix - Lawrence Kendrick
Original Music - Craig Johnson and Greg Birkumshaw
Thanks to Luke Young Surfboards

The shaping world has been turned upside down!
— Gabe Davies, Surfer
The most inspiring thing to come out of England for a long while
— Dick Hoole, Legend
The Shaper is classic
— Korduroy TV